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It Happens Just Now, To Be Remembered

Born in the minds of Warp artists Two Lone Swordsmen as a truely memorable track, 'Akwalek' became self aware around 2005 and started producing electronic shizzle on its own.


Furious in love with all things glitchy, fast paced and emotional the 'Akwalekker' sounds is yet hard to describe. Digitally crossing sub cultural borders between Psytrance, Breakcore and IDM he transcends the golden era 90's with a rare breed of full on Hardcore Dream Poetry 


Released at Roulette Rekordz (BE), Illphabetik (DNK), Dramacore (US) and Xtraplex (BE) Akwalek will always try to push boundries of materializing emotions and interpretations of the now, creating is a habbit, an addiction



- Schnastik Glatchkinz [DC112] at Dramacore
Teder Verdorven [xpl003] here at Xtraplex

- Captcha Singalongs [DC100] at Dramacore


- Outerspace Backyard Spasms [ILLEP048] at Illphabetik

- Automated Lifeform [self002] Self Release

Burst, The Hero Under My pillow [self001] Self Release

Various Compilation Appearances


Available for booking here


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