This all being said we kept our biggest evolution for last as we are preeeeeetty fucking proud to present to you Xtraplex' kin: Itchmekanism


Offcourse we as well want to embody the xperience Xtraplex is bound to explain in music.

We as well want to create items for you to collect, to hold and adore. But we want them to be rare, and unique. Recycled or at least ecologically in balance. 


So, born out of the publishing needs of our more materialized side, an independant online gallery without any in between party emerged.


We will be selling everything but music here. Weird concepts, homemade instruments, high quality alluminium artwork prints, durable clothing, usable objects, etc. The artist's imagination decides as long it is not virtual.


If you feel your stuff belongs here: feel free to contact us via the contact form on this site