Gryn is the first brainchild by Cinna 'Cikkun' Peyghamy and was concieved and released for and with his  debut EP 'Gamut'.

The app is a simple standalone ritmic glitch generator with an attitude. It consists of 8 sound generators with an LFO which can be synced together, a small 4 channel mixer, a randomizer button and an on-board recorder for exporting your sessions to a DAW. Simple yet effective! And oh yeah... Free!


Download Here

Gryn - Standalone Ritmic Glitch Generator

  • You are free to use this software anyway you see fit for generating sounds, commercial or not, you are not however allowed to redistribute or resell anything from the software as is intended by the original author, this includes original coding, concept and artwork. Written by Cinna 'Cikkun' Peyghamy, logo by Han Leese