‘krrrrrsch’ , said an oscillator in the dark, frustrated by his automated existence, ‘krrrrsch again, and ploink frrrt bzzzzz, for there i dont give a fuck’, ‘bwwwwaaaaaaapwapwap, 'cuz iam no more than what you tell me to be’ , ‘And mhhhhmmmmaaaaaaah, because i am unstable although my mind is fueled with electricity, therefor i cover-up the whole with melting melody’

What a joyful almost-spring day, a bursting sun after an amazing full moon.

The kind of sunday normal people would take a nice family walk in the park, with the dog and some picknick. No no no, ‘Perfect intermezzo for a newborn electronic music label’ we thought, after five years of preparation.Time is now to give birth to a chokepoint of creative morphic resonances from electronic audio waveform engineers with a strange oder. Not?

The youngster will be known by the name ‘Xtraplex’ as in an extra plexus, an extra burning flame of creative power and a reference to ‘oldskool’ hero labels like Metroplex & Rephlex

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