[xpl026] - Sluggart - Mnesic

Born out of an early recorded jam on a Roland HP1700L electric piano, this album shows you a different side of our beloved Sluggart. First thing to notice about this release is that (just like our latest Olkin Donder album) it is a completely beatless ride. Apart from some organic rhythmics, floating ambience is key. Don’t confuse softness with a lack of punch; this is Sluggart as we know and love. Deeply atmospheric, touching upon both sadness and melancholy. We feel that this is his most mature album to date, one that gives a whole xtra-dimension to his repertoire. We'd like to invite you to kick back, forget about your worldly troubles, and give this dream a chance.

Artwork by Sam Nielandt

DL Here: https://goo.gl/dvCyIw

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