Xtraplex Records



is a chokepoint of creative morphic resonances from contemporary audio manipulators and sound designers.

We try not to think in genres or scenes, hard or slow, we just try to deliver deep emotional digits in an effort to excite (y)our geniculate ganglion

11- 02 - 2011: Origin

‘krrrrrsch’ , 
said an oscillator in the dark, 
frustrated by his automated existence, 
‘krrrrsch again, and ploink frrrt bzzzzz, 
for there i dont give a fuck’, 
'cuz iam no more than what you tell me to be’ ,  
‘And mhhhhmmmmaaaaaaah, because i am unstable 
although my mind is fueled with electricity, 
therefor i cover-up the whole with melting melody’


What a joyful almost-spring day, a bursting sun after an amazing full moon.

The kind of sunday normal people would take a nice family walk in the park, with the dog and some picknick. No no no, ‘Perfect intermezzo for a newborn electronic music label’ we thought, after five years of preparation.Time is now to give birth to a chokepoint of creative morphic resonances from electronic audio waveform engineers with a strange oder. Not?


The youngster will be known by the name ‘Xtraplex’ as in an extra plexus, an extra burning flame of creative power and a reference to ‘oldskool’ hero labels like Metroplex & Rephlex.





01- 01 - 2016: Manifest

Starting as a creative commons based music label in 2011, we figured we could do better for our next five years of existance. 


We do not believe in physiscal releases anymore.


No more half-ass CD's, no damn expensive vinyls, no hipster tapes or no dodgy SD cards.


From now on our music is digital, from origin to destination.


We believe that in times of massive overconsumption, plastic particles in our bloodstream and natural resources being wasted, we have to realize that music is beyond any material object.


Music are vibrations in the air being picked up by our ears and brains.

Vibrations carrying the power to deliver dreams, hope and memories solemnly by you hearing it.


This is the future! It is a technical fact that todays music is being recorded in a much higher resolution then CDs or vinyl ever allow(ed). It is time you as a listener realise that your music is way better in a digital format derived straight from the original high quality recording then you will ever get out of any CD or vinyl.


We are artists, we do not operate to commercially expand, we do not care for profit, attention or fame.

We believe we have a duty to absorb the times we live in and mangle it into a form for you to enjoy and treasure. We produce out of habit and enjoyment instead of doing just another job.


Chaos is our road, utopia our destination and we sure hope you come along for the ride!