[xpl003] - Akwalek - Teder Verdorven

After releasing on netlabels as illphabetik and

dramacore Akwalek decided to deliver us again an awesome subcultural freebie! 

Starting with some outerspace scapes and ambient granulations he evolves this short but intens story into bursting glitch with a core fetish. Doing this he stays true to his never dying harsh emotional approach. 
Grab, listen and share this fast paced heart pounding ride, to listen to on lonely abstract days.

released August 23, 2011 

© 2011 Laurentz 'Akwalek' Groen & Xtraplex Records 

Artwork By  HanLeese.com 

You are free to share, distribute and/or promote this release whatever way you see fit. But you can never use anything from this release, including tracks, track names, artwork and concepts for any commercial use without our explicit written agreement


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.