[xpl009] - Monade - Pt#9

Monade is Roberto Donato hailing from Torino, Italy and thus our first non belgian X-ist. Starting with a noisy and high squeaking intro guiding you to a pool of idm-ish ambient scapes, truly inspired by the Golden Era experiments but with a 21st century flavour, Monade feels like a bridge between moulded memories and future dreams. When he mailed us his tracks we loved his subtle no-nonsense approach on exciting our geniculate ganglions so here we are again: [xpl009], simply called: pt#9, by Monade.

released May 15, 2012 

© 2012 all rights reserved by Roberto Donato & Xtraplex Records 

Artwork by  HanLeese 

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.