[xpl012] - Iameb 57 - Ganks

Lets take a little time jump back to 2009. 
Right in the middle of the post-golden idm era flotsam we where greatly inspired by braindance producers of the higher bpm kind like Gavin Hislop, Fractional and bedroom wizards Genjini, Deework and Moster X, or a dude from NY who called himself 'Iameb 57' or 'Enabl.ed'. His releases on Amenorea, Ideation and Crazy Language really infused our creative ears at the time and showed us a whole other level of emotional fast paced beat producing. Now, 3 years later, that same dude from NY dropped us a demo, without knowing the impact he had on us 3 years ago, containing his to us well known style of hyper idm. 
He has perfectioned what he does best and delivers with this 'Ganks' a truly great addition to (y)our dreams! 
This album is not only a cross-atlantic morphic resonance it is as well only our second non-Belgian attribution so far, after the Italian Monade. 
If you like what you hear make sure to check out his other free releases at the labels mentioned above or over at Evizagae Records or Nueva Forma!

released December 12, 2012


© 2012 all rights reserved to Jimmy 'Iameb 57' Batista and Xtraplex Records Artwork by HanLeese.com 

Artwork by  Han Leese

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