[xpl018] - Sk'p - Orpiclem

This month is something special: On the 11th of february 2011, exactly three years ago, we released our very first release called ’Sounds For The Geniculate Ganglion’. It was a raw but precious sketch of the future (still available at the bottom of our digital discography btw ;) ) with a small and fairly totally unknown selection of Belgian digital dream producers. One of the leading figures gathered on that compilation was Gauthier ’Sk’p’ de Hemptinne with ’Altraplex’. 

Today we witness the result of three years of work, precious time spent to carefully construct this brilliant album for us. 
Lets listen, put on those audio helmets, close those peepers and immerse yourself… 

He kicks off where he left it with a new version of the previously featured 'Atraplex' track afterwich we meet 'Clocks Of Exiplosis', a tender uptempo floating device boosting us higher and higher into the stratosphere. 
As the voyage takes us beyond we pass 'Coloss Prack', a giant piece of texture dozing in the dark and exploding in our face while passing into the title piece 'Orpiclem'. 
An ocean of wellness sloshing against rough but perfect crafted rythmic textures, a highlight in the sound that we all love and know as Sk'p, one to repeat and play for your grandchildren. 
After the title track it is time for a little rest wich we can find in the short but intens intermezzo 'Helicoprion'. We then have a rolling emotion coming at us with high definition. Twisting and climbing around while being hypnotised, we know we have arrived in awe, we close our eyes and relax. 
Untill we hear some 'Klankabells' announcing a memory of a storm and who make us want to move things omni-dimensional. It is way too early that we wake up and find peace in what has come to be the 4th version of 'Audionaut Preject', a happy goodbye track in a blue 8bit Megaman suit. 


released February 14, 2014 


© 2014-2016. All rights reserved to Gautier 'Sk'p' de Hemptinne and Xtraplex Records.

Artwork by Gautier de Hemptinne & Han Leese

You are free to share, distribute and/or promote this release whatever way you see fit. But you can never use anything from this release, including tracks, track names, artwork and concepts for any commercial use without our explicit written agreement

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