[xpl022] - Ynoji - Kollider

Ladies, gentlemen, distant dreamers and close loved ones, what we have here is Ynoji's 3th album and as far as we can say this is his best work yet. It might very well even be his most defining album thus far. 
The man has been carving out his own path thrue marble-esque walls of sound to come to a rarely kind of industrial-sci-fi-tribal, or 'darkfloor'. 
He takes you onto fast moving dreams through the ever moving now, like a high speed train through a synthetic landscape. 
Guided by the voices from the machines themselves we are shown scenes of dancing humanoids worshipping mutated somethings. 
With our eega by our side we feel safe, comfortable in our seat, looking out a condensed window and are amazed by the sheer beauty we experience. 
By the end of the album the dream has taken over and we find ourselves in an i-am-still-asleep-like state, hard to come back from, allready longing again for what just happend.

released October 31, 2014

© 2014 all rights reserved to Lucian ’Ynoji’ Dittulescu & Xtraplex Records 



Artwork by Sam Niemand

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