[xpl024] - V.A. - Sounds For The Geniculate Ganglion Vol.II - Kesselse Pauwen

Compilation time! 
After 4 years since our latest Sounds for the Geniculate Ganglion we figured we where in need of a new co release. 

One day some months ago Akwalek did a field recording session in his girlfriends garden and stumbled upon some peacocks. 
Inspired by their quirky sound he recorded an iPad live jam on the spot. 
Back home he shared the stems with Ohm Meta who send us such a nice remix we got inspired for the compilation. 
Now, some months later we have gathered this oddly diverse collection of very personal interpretations of the same sounds wich makes it a perfect whole yet wide album to listen to. Don’t be fooled by their track titles ;) 

If you got inspired yourself we have released the original stems by Akwalek as well. Go have a look at our Xtra Pax

released April 11, 2015

© 2014 all rights reserved to all represented artists & Xtraplex Records 



Artwork by Han Leese

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