[xpl025] - Olkin Donder - Urbin Kolder, Expeditions In The Beatless And Beyond pt. 1/3 Entree

About four years ago, right after his debut 'Oben Glex' here on Xtraplex, Olkin Donder left on an expedition. 
He told us he went looking for 'the Beatless and Beyond' on a planet he called 'Urbin Kolder'. 
'Whatever' we said 'just take Han Leese with you to illustrate your journey' and off he went. 
For almost four years we hear nothing, no demo, no stems, no WIPs, nothing... Untill we started to worrie and established a communication line. From the short and blurry answer the only thing we could understand for sure was that they where on a magnificant journey, both productive and eye opening. That Han Leese started drawing a graphic novel of the whole thing and that Olkin had attached a 16 track package with nothing else in the description but: 

Urbin Kolder, Expeditions in the Beatless and Beyond pt.I - Entree 

These 'previews' (as far as we are concerned they are his best work yet) are exactly what the title would make you expect: a magnificant journey true an experimental beatless world. 
On the other hand will these tracks roll you into texture and (e)motion like you never expierenced. 
They are as ritmic as they are lush while they secretly nest themselves in your subconscious day dreaming. 
Left behind, like with all good romances, with a feeling of wanting more, we loop the album, again and again, until we receive ‘the main dish’... 

Not to be missed! 

No Han Leese graphic novel yet... We assume that's for part two... But his artwork gives a... well, preview :) 

just before the release we received a ‘Track Explaining List’ as shown below: 

Fjördrun: Soon 
Galactic Oceans: Piece Written For NI Massive 
Grölsnîr Döttr: Cuz Gröllsnieren Is What We Do Wherever We Can 
I Dream In Wood: Is There Any Other Way? 
Humanoid Anthem: Because We Need One 
Thortendglören: Great Synth, End Of A Species (Dier Verlies) 
New Nature: Dawn Of Another (We Do Not Forget) 
Urbin Kolder, de Verliefde Dagling: Main Theme, Dayling In Love, and something about a walk… (Stridsel Wandeling) 
Orphion Oder: The Wonder World Of The Bathroom Producer (Live Instrumental PadSlap) 
Remember Us In The Snow: Remember Your Heart 
Dagtaak: Daily Labour 
Heilzaamheid: What I Think When I Die 
I Dream for Thee: Self Explanatory 
Quiet Spark nr.638: 638th Track I Ever Made 
Estivation: Summer Hybernation 
Unconcious Buddha Session: Self Explanatory

released May 31, 2015

© 2014 all rights reserved to all represented artists & Xtraplex Records 



Artwork by Han Leese

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