[xpl029] - A Bleeding Star -  'Vhen La Belle Melodia De Astraloceana Ghostship Brought Me to the Forest of Fatalia

After numerous years of preperation and brewing we have finally arrived at announcing to you all our latest x-ist: A Bleeding Star


Ambient Noise IDM in the likes of our Monade, Kshhhk or Sluggart.

Trying to describe him any further would only come short so we thought it would be a nice idea to let the man speak for himself and his journey we hereby release... 

Basically After Returnin' from An Incredibly Refreshin' 'Lil Vacation By the Lake...'Bout {II} Hours Away from 'Vhere I Currently Reside... I Had Found Myself Vividly Retellin' A Special {Astral-Travel} that Had Led Me to {II} Quite Particular Locations... Now Do Know Beforehand that Such A Realm Does Not Consider the Laws of [Physics] As 'Vell As Many Others Factors Present In Its Presence... Hence Makin' It Evermore An Excitin' Adventure 
Awaitin' Every Time I Venture Within It... Since 'tis 'Vhere I Actually Come from... My Home 


© 2016 all rights reserved to Alex 'A Bleeding Star' Goth & Xtraplex Records 

artwork by Frost Goth

You are free to share, distribute and/or promote this release whatever way you see fit. But you can never use anything from this release, including tracks, track names, artwork and concepts for any commercial use without our explicit written agreement

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.