[xpl030] - Akwalek - Ektoplasmik Boor Selekt

Get ready for the ultimate sound splattering! 

After five years of waiting for new work, Akwalek delivers us with this second album here at Xtraplex an unheard approach to electronic music. Fast paced psychedelic breaking beats juxtapozing against emotional melodic glitch in a certainly overwhelming and most personal way. 

Booming lows clash with squeeling highs and rattling mids in this epic story of no-thing less but every-thing 

'This album is about The Big Holy Nothing. The Everything. The Fast and the Slow, The High and the Low, the adoration of contradiction itself. Creation by destruction.' - Akwalek 

These tracks will not be for everyone but the ones able to jump on the ride will xperience an amazing - almost meta-prehistoric, beastly - energy flow into the mind of a 21st century humanoid! 

Run, Jump, Cry, Scream, Make Love, Liquify, Dance or Headbang while talking the dog out, this shit is beyond...

© 2016 all rights reserved to Laurentz 'Akwalek' Groen & Xtraplex Records 

artwork by HanLeese.com

You are free to share, distribute and/or promote this release whatever way you see fit. But you can never use anything from this release, including tracks, track names, artwork and concepts for any commercial use without our explicit written agreement

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.