[xpl031] - Ynoji - Ekra

The artist's own words: 


Ekra is the 8th star discovered by Ynoji 
A planetary system of 6, now running the 8th version of the “YnoSys”, a biological operating kernel. 
Translations for Ynoji have varied, but the two most prominent were, “ unheard” and “ soul”. The “unheard soul(s)” if you will… 

Ekra was created during the early dawns of 2016 as a continuation to 2015’s “ Ronokironikon”. A continuation into the realms of halftime experimental bass music, furtherly exploring tribalism, percussion, chanting, and fairly unusual production methods. Partially sourced from field recordings in Australia and Argentina, it also functions as a “ full circle”, a completion of quests and travels through mental space. 
Sound can only be described in sound, It can only be heard, sang or felt.. 

Ynoji believes there is more to believe than we believe

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artwork by Ynoji

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.