[xpl032] - Analept - Sternweite

When Xtraplex was founded in 2011 the idea was to offer a platform for treasures burried deep into the rich Belgian producer soil. 

The base for this idea where artists such as Virlyn, Sk'p, Kingstux & Akwalek, but also some hidden onces, of wich we are now very proud to present one to you: Analept is the ingenious but somewhat quiet Guillaume Bacart from Tournai/Doornik (BE) who has been with us from day zero. He produces clean and well-balanced 90's 'IDM' with his own personal updated flavour. His hardware-based workflow delivers pure nostalgia in the best way possible. After his release on the now dead 'Carte Postale Records' and an album you can find on his bandcamp we are very proud to present to the world his long awaited album on our little Ganglion: 

Sternweite, is a german word litteraly meaning "stellar distance". It was later on translated to English as "Parsec" for par[allax] & sec[ond]. One Parsec = 3, 261 631 Lightyear



© 2016 all rights reserved to Guillaume 'Analept' Bacart & Xtraplex Records 

artwork by Seb Dlay

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