[xpl034] - Pacificcvvideo - Fagtermer

As a ganglion it is our duty to stay somewhat rooted, findable for whoever needs us, whenever it's needed. Our next artist, however, is a beautiful example of the modern day humanoid, unbound by borders or languages, conceived out of two opposite sides of the European continent and raised at its heart, out of pure love for the city of Brussels. Pacificcvvideo aka Fredrik Mjell grew up to be a quiet (aren't we x-ists all hermits or what?) yet extremely talented multi-medial-poet. By sampling treasured VHS tapes from times long gone, mangling them with analogue modular audio flavours and high-end digital systems, he forms his own unique language to deliver us his debut "Fagtermer", meaning "technical terms" in Norwegian. 


Grab this memory making treasure!

© 2017 all rights reserved to Fredrik 'Pacificcvvideo' Mjell & Xtraplex Records 

artwork by Han Leese

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.