[xpl040] - Extravert

Yesterday, the 11th of February 2021, marked 10 Years of Xtraplex Records and today we celebrate it with our 40th release. Not just any release. It is the debut album of Extravert, the 4th project by Laurentz 'Kshhhk - Akwalek - Olkin Donder' Groen. The product of also exactly 4 years of work, now marking the start of a new decade and the end of another, acting as a bridge, to what lies beyond.

The 50 minutes divided over 10 tracks feel as an IDM album that thinks it’s a techno album, or the other way around, in the best and most accessible way possible. 
It is inspired by 'Steely Wheely Automobily, the love for mangled voices, modular hardware and his gf.'

Bon appetit!

© 2021 all rights reserved to Laurentz 'Extravert' Groen & Xtraplex Records. 


Album artwork by Han Leese


You are free to share, distribute and/or promote this release whatever way you see fit. But you can never use anything from this release, including tracks, track names, artwork and concepts for any commercial use without our explicit written agreement.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.